News: Me and Thrifted - Partnerblogs!

I've just posted my first guest entry over at Thrifted's new blog.  An offshoot of the stupendously successful vintage fashion shop, the Thrifted blog is both a compendium of and filter for all things fashion, style, and visual culture.  That will include film, which is my bag, but I'll be writing about other stuff as well.  

My first post is on a topic of perennial fascination to me: the suburbs.  I'm a product of the suburbs and I constantly think about the place I'm from - asking myself why anyone in their right mind would want to live here, and imagining what things were like two generations ago, back when Santa Clara County was still known as the Valley of Heart's Delight for a reason (i.e., it was bursting with the fragrant blossoms of fruit trees and boasted some of the most fertile soil in the world).  

My current opinion of the greater San Jose submetroplex has deteriorated over the years, but you'll see in my post for Thrifted that it still has its selling points - and there are more beyond what I've covered here, but I'm saving those for a future sequel post.

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