Essay: Recurring Nightmares

This is a loose selection of ideas that are rattling around in my head right now, looping back on themselves every so often.  Most of them are unresolvable, and some of them are going seem painfully obvious. 
  • All forms of mass communication separate us or otherwise highlight separation; they almost never bring us together.
  • The role of writers in public life is almost non-existent; this has some relationship to item #1.
  • Most journalists are moral and intellectual prostitutes.
  • Life in suburbia is a competition to see who can be the most mediocre.
  • In fifty years, the Obama presidency will probably be regarded as average.
  • I am a member of a generation of whiners, although I strongly suspect better things will emerge from the members of my generation than from the ones that immediately precede and follow it.
  • Movies are getting worse and television is getting better.  Movie theaters and bound books will largely disappear during my lifetime.
  • That line from All The President's Men - "Follow the money" - applies to every single aspect of American life, past, present, and future, and don't ever fool yourself into thinking it doesn't.
  • A childhood friend of mine is currently on trial for plotting a murder for hire.  I think about this all the time and might write something about it later - not about the trial, just about how it makes me feel (weird).
  • As I begin to pass the target age demographic for mainstream Hollywood movies, my hatred of them grows exponentially.
  • Why have I just now, in my 30s, discovered comic books and video games?  What the hell was I doing in my childhood?

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