New Interview Series: How Did You Do It?

After too many weeks of hemming and hawing, I am finally launching my new interview series, here on the site.

The title of the series is "How Did You Do It?" and the intent is to present a series of case studies on how careers in the arts and entertainment are built.

As as person with creative goals of my own, I want to demystify the cliched, perfunctory career "advice" usually offered to those who want to make a living by following their creative or expressive instincts.  This series will provide real, working knowledge of
how successful early- to mid-career artists have developed and elevated their careers.  We all know that hard work, luck, and talent play a part; but how they play a part varies wildly because artists are forced to find innovative ways of pursuing and achieving their dreams.

My interview subjects will range across all creative disciplines in the world of the arts and entertainment in the hope that variety will not only maintain reader interest, but will result in interesting parallels among the different approaches and tactics used by those who forge their own paths in life.

I'll be posting the full-length version of an interview I did with film director Tom Shadyac shortly, a truncated version of which was recently run over at DVDTalk. And tomorrow, I'll post an interview I did with comedian Maria Bamford.

More to come!

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